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While the knowledge base is being rebuilt, and the Wiki format is tested, this page should direct you to a few of the topics we've used to show proof of concept. The rest is a work in progress; any page that you find that isn't linked to this one is not finished, and should be handled with care.

Best LINUX Distribution

A quick opinion and discussion about current LINUX distributions, and which might be "best."

Java Tips and Tricks

Some discussions and code examples for improved Java development.

Stupid code

Some examples of things encountered that should never be done.

System Setup Tips and Tricks

Some time-saving items for configuring systems for ease of use.

Sendmail Mail Server

Helpful hints on installing, configuring, using, and improving a sendmail setup.

Web Server Configurations

Some helpful hints for configuring Apache web servers, as well as discussions on JBoss, Tomcat, and some other web service related topics.

Thoughts on Design Patterns

Is the name of your pattern as important as its implementation?

Note that the Wiki requires authentication to make additions. Discussions and talk are currently open, but we reserve the right to restrict access to these resources if necessary.

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